About Us

At Piper, our mission is to impact kids globally by growing their confidence around being creators of technology instead of purely consumers.   We deliver this impact through our product, the Piper Computer Kit.

Kids who are given iPads, computers and phones to consume from a young age: they don't see how technology actually works.  Kids may think that technology works by magic, and later in life, when the opportunity to learn or build something tech-related comes up, they feel intimidated. 

With LEGO and Minecraft on the other hard, you can get started right away. It’s easy. This ease leads to confidence, which in turn leads to incredible creations. We wanted Piper to be the tool that allows kids to create with code and electronics as simply as they place LEGO bricks or craft a diamond helmet in Minecraft. 

We created Piper to inspire the next generation of inventors and creators. 

Piper, Inc.
Piper, Inc. was started in 2013 with Mark Pavlyukovskyy and Shree Bose. The first investment in Piper came from co.lab, which brought Piper to their accelerator in San Francisco, CA.  Joel Sadler, a PhD from Stanford and Time Magazine top 50 inventor of the year, then joined as a co-founder.  It was there that a Kickstarter campaign launched raising $282,000 with backers such as Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak and Mark Zuckerberg who liked a Piper post on Facebook.

The Piper Computer Kit was born and delivered to 1500 homes in time for the 2015 holidays.  In June, a $2.2M seed round of funding was closed and the team grew to 10 people strong with distribution that grew to 50+ schools and over 4,000 users.  Customers continue to be our best advocates with an average 5 star rating on Amazon.com! 

Piper Computer Kit
Piper offers a fun way for kids ages 8 and up to build electronics while playing Minecraft: Pi Edition.  Piper is the physical building experience to game's digital experience.  The combination is engaging for kids.  Parents love that their kid(s) are learning skills that may shape their career.  The kit comes with over 100 parts including a Raspberry Pi, rechargeable battery, laser etched wooden "puzzle" pieces, speaker, mouse and lots of electronics pieces for kids to craft together.

The collaborative experience begins with kids putting the laser etched wood puzzle pieces together to build the computer case.  The final steps are adding the LCD screen and connecting the Raspberry Pi to the battery.   Wow!  You just built your first computer!  

Next, kids open up our Piper Universe which includes pre-written Minecraft: Pi Edition mods where kids must build "Power-ups" or electronic gadgets in that work in the game.  Once the kids get the hang of it the Story Mode games, they move on to "Mini-Games" where they build more Power-ups to solve a challenge to get points.  The final level is "Creative Mode" where kids now mod their own Minecraft worlds using their Power-ups.

Learning Development
Creative confidence is the measurement we look to impact with students.  We have conducted Stanford developed surveys and found that kids who use Piper show an 18% growth in creative confidence around building electronics.  That number grows to 54% for kids that rate themselves with low confidence when starting a Piper program.  These results are from 78 sixth grade students who completed Piper lessons at two different schools.  

As students progress through Piper curriculum, they'll learn the electronics and programming skills to necessary to invent solutions to the problems that surround them.  These skills include building, parallel circuitry, breadboarding, problem solving, critical thinking and growth mindset.

Our Motivation
Every single day, there are thousands of kids all over the world who change their perception of their abilities and what they believe they are capable of by engaging with Piper. Seeing the difference we make in the lives of these kids is both exhilarating and humbling.